The Universal Mother-Daughter Story

Each of us has a story on the mother-daughter continuum. Details change from story to story.  But the power of the story is universal. It can be joyful, sacred, complicated and, sometimes, painful . Many are all of that and more.

As women, our power is nurtured by how we see ourselves in that story.  So when we support our vision of that story in our lives, we gain access to the power that is at the core of who we are. Each woman’s vision of that story is a personal truth, a truth that does not answer to anyone but her. It reflects her experience of being a daughter or a mother, the intent she has brought to that experience, and how the reality of daughterhood and motherhood has made her feel.

Power Personalities supports each woman’s individual experience, intent and feelings around the universal mother-daughter story, opening a pathway to seeing her own power and the power of other women in her life.

Photo by Rochelle Brown on Unsplash

Welcome to Power Personalities

The global tribe of women is as diverse as it is powerful. Our diversity expresses itself in many ways. One of those ways is the rich array of personalities that bring to life every relationship, family and community. Our mission at Power Personalities is to build a community where every individual is accepted and supported in the unique humanity she brings to the world.

The more we understand each woman’s unique synergy of individuality and universal human experience, the easier it is to accept ourselves, love one another and find peace in this challenging universe. The nine personalities introduced on this site offer a tool for understanding ourselves and all the women in our lives.

The diagram below shows how these personalities can be imagined on a continuous loop where each core personality type is supported by the ‘bodyguard’ personalities that are positioned on either side of it. For example, an Ideas Changemaker personality has within her an Ideas Explorer personality bodyguard and an Ideas Connector personality bodyguard. A Physical Connector personality has within her a Physical Changemaker personality bodyguard and a Social Explorer personality bodyguard.

The unique individuality of every single human being can be understood in terms of the many complex ways that each core personality can interact with its body guard personalities. As you stay tuned to our blog, social media and newsletter, the richness of your own personality will be supported, and its unique power will become clearer and more accessible.

To get started on this journey of empowerment, you are invited to take our quick Personality Power Quiz and discover the personality that reflects your full power potential.