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Nechama, Founder;  Oriana, Chief Marketing Officer
Marina, Webmaster; Trei, Voice Talent Extraordinaire

As founder, I feel infinitely grateful to have the support of such an extraordinary team of talented women in bringing Power Personalities to life.

Power Personalities grew out of my own experiences on the continuum of daughterhood and motherhood.  The close and intense relationship with my mom still lives in my heart and soul fifteen years after losing her. It goes beyond the literal experience. Regardless of the particular mother-daughter journey, the archetypes of daughterhood and motherhood are present in all of us.

My evolving truths as  a daughter, as a mom and as a woman in the world have shown me that the mother and daughter archetypes, and the relationships between them, are experienced so differently by the diverse personalities that live and feel them.

It took me years to recognize that my Ideas Changemaker personality saw and felt the world very differently from the way my Physical Connector mom and two Physical Explorer daughters would see and feel it. The differences themselves were the foundation for conflict, pain and periods of emotional distance between me and my mom and older daughter in particular. But it was actually my failure to understand those differences that caused the greatest struggles of all.

After my mom passed, I began the slow journey to work through the limitations that impacted my own challenges as a mom. I realized how important it was for me to get more comfortable with perspectives that felt foreign to me. My daughters’ ongoing persistence in letting me know what they needed helped me recognize the gaps in my perceptions and figure out how to fill them. That process demanded that I heal my own wounds from ever feeling unseen, misunderstood and underestimated. It all felt daunting at times.

Developing a full recognition of the diversity of human experience, even within personal relationships, is at the center of my own journey to greater peace and happiness in my vision of myself as a daughter and a mother. Power Personalities is an expression of that recognition.

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Nechama Robinson, MA

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